To our brothers and sisters, our parents, in-laws, nephews and nieces, aunts and uncles, grandmothers, friends and the rest of the family for supporting, encouraging and helping us; each one on his own way with lots of love. To those who are not with us any more, because they go with us in a more profound way

To the others Fathers: Hernán, Facundo, Mamerto Menapace and Guillermo OSB, for guiding and assisting us both spiritually and logically in our course, helping us to focus and hand in the project in the hands of God

To Carlos, Raúl and their families, who introduced us to the third party in dispute Gardenia, our  flinstones car and its family doctor, Rudy.

To Eli Peyrano and all the team at “Tardecitas y Algo Mas”, FM Radio City, in Pehuajo, for supporting us from the beginning and letting us be your reporters!

To María Elena & Santiago Gahan, Piccolini family, Sabri Fernandez & Luquitas, Peter Hyland & Silvina, Alexia Gahan & Taio, Agus Bassi & Loli Casset for your hospitality and making us feel like home at the south of Buenos Aires and in the Patagonia!

To José for your dentist help in Bahia Blanca,

To Alberto Carretero in Bahía Blanca, Tito in Piedra del Águila, Pinky in Bariloche and Raúl in San Rafael for treating Gardenia so affectionally

To Susana, Moni and the team of “Nuestros Amigos” in San Martin de los Andes, for opening the doors of your work and sharing such a nice experience with us!

To Luis and the team of Chile Customs Paso Icalma, for the cheerful disposition and the contact info on Mauricio!

To Mauricio, Pablo, Paolo and don Carlos for sharing with us one day in the Andes mountains and showing us the Quijote Works! For your joyfulness and generosity!

To the Park Rangers at Ñorquinco for your help and suggestions,

To Tourist Informations at El Chocon, Alumine, Villa Pehuenia and Chos Malal, for so useful information,

To Irma and  Rosa for the courage and cheerfulness in leading the most fun  laundry in Chos Malal!

To  Mauro and Mario from ACA (Car Assistance club) at Chos Malal and San Rafael for the good disposition during the 400km towing drive with incredible conversation… and to don José and his 8 dogs for changing the wheels and leaving Gardenia as new…

To Elina and her team at “Asociación Civil Arco Iris” for sharing excellent mate and conversation in Villa Atuel, telling us your challenges to help those in need,

To everybody who join in our experiences and share their comments!

To Tupungato, for spreading so much faith and joyfulness! To Stella, and the other catechists, To Father Raúl for his hospitality and words; To “Grupo Esperanza”: Liliana, Mari, Elba, Anita, Ana Isabel, Tina, Eduardo (and everybody else we couldn’t meet) for this example of life! For putting themsleves to the service of others, transforming this pain into Love and Joyfulness!

To Beto for teaching Diego how to adjust valves and other stuff; To Cuki for so many nice conversations, mates, milanesas and amazing  barbecues in Guaymallen, Mendoza!

To Vivi and Marcelo in San Juan, for recibing us with semitas and mate like if you knew us from long ago, letting us sleep in the spa and organize our first “kombinauta” trip uphill the Zonda!

To don Olmos, Cristina, Mariela and team for welcoming us at “Comedor del Niño Jesús”, in Angaco, San Juan, and for dedicating these last 11 years to give future and hope to so many kids.

To Reina (Queen) in San Miguel (Chilecito, la Rioja), for dedicating your life to help your community and those in need! For opening the doors to the dining room, sharing your experiences with us and spoiling us with empanadas riojanas, wine and grilled chicken… To Silvia and Santos, who helped a lot; and to Lorenz, Bergde and Sean Paul for sharing their side of the story!

Thanks to Father Hernán Giudice for being our spiritual support and welcome us in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

In Añatuya, Thanks to Father Cristian for introducing us to the army of volunteers who moves half of the province helping out and supporting so many kids and adults, so they may receive education, care and affection. Thanks to the Bishop Adolfo for the support, for the book of this great Gottau and for taking care of this great dioceses. Thanks to Inmaculada por lodging us and take care of us; Thanks to Sister Rosita (Vicentine), Juan and Mary, Cristina de Grávida, Sisters Marisol and Teresa (Dominican of the Anunciata) and Pilar for making us see Charity for real in a person, the endless service, “until it hurts!” and they are only just a little part of Añatuya….

Thanks to Guille of the Gottau Foundation for your “cybernetics” help and your support to go for more! Thanks to Marcos LP for your  push too!

Thanks again to Father Hernán for being our guide in so many different ways, and our loyal friend in Santiago del Estero. Thanks to Fathers Luis, Julián and all the seminarians of the Capital of Santiago for putting up with Diego for a couple of days!

Thanks to Gachy and César for the affection they transmitted to us, for telling us their story so sincerely! It was a pleasure meeting you! Thanks to Juanchi for the bilingual songs played with the guitar!

Thanks to Lila Domingo for opening the doors to her life, for sharing with us the amazing story of her life. Thanks to Alicia López for the energy in being in charge of the Home for so many years.

Thanks to Edu and Meche for bringing music and cheerfulness to the Seniors Home! Nice shared experience!

Thanks to Mabel of Osde Cafayate, Argentina for so much help and warmth!

Thanks to Gloria, Obdulio, Delia and Alberto from the CoNeA of Dique Cabra Corral for the shared conversation, with a good and cold Coke and spectacular homemade scones!

Thanks to Alba for such a noche conversation in Salta, for sharing the story of your life with so much affection!

Thanks to Father José Carlos Aguilera (‘Alfajor!’ traditional small chocolate and dulce de leche cake from Argentina) for the contact and the nice conversation. Thanks to Cruz Jurado for your intersection too! Thanks to Father Raúl Felkenstein for your super ‘milanesas’ (breaded veal cutlet, traditional meal from Argentina) with smashed potatoes made with so much love!

Thanks to Father Alessandro for sharing your story with us and for cooking delicious penne and lingüini at the Parish ‘María Medianera de todas las Gracias’, Salta, Argentina. Thanks to Maria Amelia for sharing your house with us!

Thanks to Mr. Milan of the Shell at Tocopilla, Chile for letting us stay with Gardenia and lend us a hand with what he could.

Thanks to Camping 3 Islands of Iquique, Chile, for making us spend a nice Christmas with Sergio, Romina, Newen and Quimey!

Thanks to Eduardo Bruna in Arica, Chile, for adjusting Gardenia and telling us of the Dining Room of Aunt Petita. Thanks to Verito, Nani, Lorenzo and Paloma, Norma & Cie, for transmitting to us the Love of Petita and her work, for cooking so well to us and sharing a bit of the daily miracles that are lived at the Dining Room.

Thanks to Anita and Christopher in Tacna, Peru for appearing like guardian angels when Peru welcomed us with a slap on the face… for the delicious food, a bed that is 3 times bigger than Gardenia, TV and so many days in the good company of the family, Martita, Richard, Carla, the Teacher and Charly, celebrating New Year, birthdays and other things! Let’s not forget of Lore who would brighten our mornings with her whistle and screams…

Thanks to AQP VW Club, in special to Carlos Palomino, Oscar and Julio Cesar, who without even knowing us helped us through email, pone and in person guiding us to Antonio who found the solution to fix Gardenia. Thanks to Julio Cesar for the hats, the good attitude, who without knowing us gave us that present, it was really a nice gesture.

Thanks to Father David of Chicuito, Peru, deacons Javier and Aurelio, and the ladies Nieves, Berta and Cristina, for generously opening the doors of their community, inviting us to tasty meals and sharing their lives with us. Slowly Chicuito is changing its essence…

Thanks to Soledad for welcoming us and telling us about her life story in Nazca, for dedicating herself to the Andes Association with the example of Maria Teresa, who gives her life for the kids. Thanks for the yummy lentils too. Thanks to Maria Teresa and Mirella for taking the time to meet us and share with us a nice long conversation, in the tumultuous Lima, it was worth the effort!

Thanks to Daniel, who believed that Gardenia was the first arriving to the VW meeting and parked next to us, attracting the rest of them. It was a very coincidental coincidence that made us share some days with him, his friends and his family. A life example of fight, cheerfulness and generosity that fills the soul.

Thanks to Rosa and Blanca Salcedo of Ponce, for the nice work they do in Pacasmayo, with the help of Alinen, guiding and helping out the patients with cancer. Thanks for their hospitality, for picking us up and dedicate time to us.

Thanks to Fabiola and Elana, for the delicious meals and fun conversation in Colan. Thanks to Mother Lili, for dedicating her time to tell us about her great work at the Red Cross of Piura.

Thanks to Juan and Karla for the nice conversations and welcoming us in Lobitos, with a tasty homemade ‘chifa’, a bed and a real beach shower!

Thanks to Jaimito, in Cuenca, ECUADOR, for welcoming us with a smile and opening the doors to ‘La Escu’ (the school) to be able to see your work and play with the kids. It was a pleasure to meet you and meet them, Thanks!!

Thanks to Dani Alban, of Guayaquil, for introducing us to the Bettle Clan, a wonderful group who delighted us with a delicious Ecuadorian barbeque! Thanks to Alex for his mechanic help, Mumo and Andrea for letting us stay with Gardenia, Miguel Angel, Francisco and all that nice clan with whom we shared some hot and humid days in Guayaquil.

Thanks to Adrian and Holger Roggiero for leaving Gardenia as new in Salinas! A complete check up that it needed so badly, and so good chats! Another nice fan group of VW…

Thanks to Alader, (sorry, I don’t remember well the name of the hotel in Beiramar at Salinas), a brasilian and his wife, very generous and affectious, we met them while searching for WiFi, they invited us with a spectacular rice with seafood (cooked by him at the restaurant) and we met their 3 lovely children. Thanks!!! Please write to us that we want your contact info!!

Thanks to Jorge Reyes, Holger, Victoria, Javier and the rest from the organization board of the International Surf Competition in Montañitas for sharing an afternoon with us! Thanks to Jorge Reyes for gioving us the contact info of Lupita!!!

Thanks to Lupita, Lolo, Mika and Ricardito for welcoming us in Ballenita at Third Millenium Professionals Foundation, a pleasure to meet you, thanks for dedicating so much time to the future of the kids (and not so young too!) of Ballenita. We are proud having met you.

Thanks to Susan and Luis in Mindo for those amazing coffees!!! And of course, thanks for the great talks and shared moments. It was a very good start for Holy Week.

Thanks to Carlos and Ebely, for inviting us inside their house without even knowing us, for the night tour of Quito to try to make us fall in love with their city…. I believe you have accomplished that!

Thanks to Ale and Fran Martin, for welcoming us, for lodging us and spoil us in their house, for the coffee, the ‘fernet’, the ‘yerba’ (Argentinian type of tea), the wine, the appetizers, and the mEAt reminding us of our native land!! A bed and a room that would scare us fo its big size… hahahaha while having fun with Julito, Luisa and Felix!


(Sorry, out of date.. not updated… )

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