The happiest warrior

Danny & family

Sometimes, we are open to see what comes to us as a possibility, a way out or a way in, a beginning or just something that comes and goes; sometimes we can see what is immediately in front of us, and some other times, it vanishes without notice; sometimes we realize the importance of what we have lost and some other times not even that. So many possibilities come across our way, that choosing always implies loosing and winning something. So, when we look back at the road travelled, we see the crossings, the detours,  the dangerous curves, the ascents, the descents and the coincidences; those encounters that seem to be fingered by Someone to indulge us with a special  gift. This is how we met Daniel, a tireless warrior.

We were innocently resting at a green park facing the sea in Lima, Peru, fleeing from the big city and its millions of inhabitants, when we heard the engine of a Beetle car; we twisted immediately to ask if he knew a trustful mechanic. At the same time he was approaching us wondering if we had come to the Volkswagen gathering while looking at Gardenia, our 1985 VW van, parked behind us. First coincidence. Obviously we didn’t have any information about the event; nevertheless, we were thrilled to get to know the local fans. Before we even started talking, he had already pulled out a gift from his car for Gardenia: ‘eyelashes’ for her eyes, spoiling her a little so she could show off before her buddies.  At once, I noticed that Daniel was carrying a medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe, our patron of the trip, to whom we commend everyday our work. Another coincidence. Continue reading