Don Carlos and Don Raúl

Giving hands

We were the first surprised ones. Without much research, a friend, who is almost a brother, gave us the contact info of Carlos, who convinced us of the type of vehicle to buy for the project. Without even knowing it, he was starting to participate in this adventure. We went to meet him with a thousand practical questions; he opened the doors to his house, shared his experience and helped us get organized and the most important thing: he invited us to eat the most delicius “milanesas” of the whole world made by his wife Ana. He gave us lots of stuff, he searched through all his garage to find things that could prove useful for us, he even introduced us to a group of happy and open minded people to whom we asked lots of questions. It is obvious that we ended that day exhausted. Too much information, anxiety, and obviuosly many thoughts going inside our heads that generated more questions just after leaving the house. Continue reading