Dodging obstacles

with Maritza & Franklin

Anybody could say they can take on the world because nothing and no one could stop them in their mission to help out others. Not even slow them down. Death hit hard on Maritza and Franklin, suddenly taking away their 16 year old son in 1995 and 3 months later took away their 2 year old daughter after a devastating cancer. One could think that their life is over, that pain would overwhelm them; on the contrary it was all this that pushed them towards a new direction. Almost like obstacle running, dodging them while new ones appear, they firmly continue their path, after a temporary cancer and a macular degeneration on Franklin that made him loose his sight completely; they take things with humor and fight them with love. They enjoy the 3 children they still have; making most of the time they have together and dedicating themselves to help the sick people with low income in their community.      Continue reading

Curls of Hope

Joyful Mari

In Tupungato, province of Mendoza, Argentina, birthplace of the Uco Valley wines, at the feet of the mountains range, seeing it from the window, the group “Esperanza” (Hope) get together to transform pain in Love. They started meeting spontaneously in the Parrish of Socorro united by a common pain: the loss of a loved one. At the beginning they would talk, hug each other and cry many tears until this was not enough and they needed to transform the anguish into something more productive. This is how they started doing handmade fabric dolls to exchange them for diapers and clothes for the hospital. Fathers Horacio and Raúl gave them the first push and the group was born, with a renewed spirit and driving force. Continue reading