A bet on the youth

In the extreme hot weather of the city ofSantiago del Estero, Argentina, we keep on being surprised by so much solidarity. This time Father Hernán introduced us to Gachy and César, a married couple who are very special teachers. They are young, 46 and 43 years old and 40 kids had already came to their house needing someone who would trust in them and give them a chance to study.

Gachy tells us, with a nice accent from Santiago del Estero, that she was a snob at 18 years of age, but when she faced such a crude reality while being a missionary she started to feel ashamed and wonder “why there is so much difference?, why we can study and they can’t?”. Since then, they continued to be missionaries in that province and every time they would get closer to that tough situation by assuming people needs as their own and trying to promote them as a dignified person. Continue reading