The tree and its fruits

with Soledad

A great Teacher said: “You will know him by his fruits”. It is assumed that whoever helps out doesn’t expect results, but while we were searching for our anonymous heroes, we stumbled upon the “fruit” of the service of our protagonist who was at Lima running some errands. We thought that we were missing a great story, but what we thought was a big obstacle was exactly this Big Fruit. So big it was that we had to be blind to take so long to see it. Surprised by our unexpected visit, Soledad welcomed us and started to tell us about the history of the “Children of the Andes” Association. Slowly, with each word and experience, we began to be amazed at our own incredulity, while realizing that we were facing the actual result of our heroine. Continue reading

With an engine from 1930

don olmos & the girls

The temperature rises pretty fast here in San Juan, Argentina. Unfortunately, also does the hunger and the malnutrition. In Angaco, 30 kms from the city of San Juan, we met the Dining room named “Niño Jesús” (Jesus Child), coordinated by Don Augusto Olmos, his wife Cristina, and Mariela. Its beginning goes back to 11 years ago, when they went out as missionaries with a group from the Parrish and were faced with this 2,500 inhabitants town’s tough reality. There were many undernourished kids, and they wanted to do “something”. Talking with the Parrish priest they wondered: “How can we give them something to eat?”, and the priest simply answered: “Easy as that, giving them something to eat!” In brief, they transformed that “something” into tangible action. They started in a corner under the shade of a willow, preparing a fire and cooking the food in big pans. Whether it was under a strong sun, rain, zonda wind or a freezing cold temperature, they would manage to provide food to a growing group of kids, with a record of 320 kids! Continue reading