A “good-crazy” guy lost in Peru

Father David visiting neighbours

Perú was dodging us, making it very difficult to find what we were looking for. It is said that after an arduous search a big reward is achieved, this is what we were aiming at. Slowly, after many coincidences, we reached Father David, a “good” crazy guy, who is also a priest, 51 years old with over 15 living in Perú. It’s been almost a year that he has been visiting the countryside and the small settlements surrounding the Titicaca Lake, close to a little town named Chucuito, located 3,800 meters up high in the mountains. But this is only his headquarters, given the fact that he crosses the countryside many kilometres every day, whether it is cold, hot, blowing strong winds, raining or even snowing. Useless are the suggestions from local people who wouldn’t leave without their hat or coat; he only has one objective in his head and it is to reach the sick people to assist them during their last days. Continue reading