January 2014

[[  New Year, New Life they say… So let´s start from scratch trying to keep the log book up-to-date. Better late than never! Remember this is my husband’s creation; I just do my best at translating it. I will strictly respect his punctuation and capital letters (if I can find one!)… Good luck!, Mechi  ]]

Wednesday 1st: we woke up slowly, alfred had to go to work for a while, so we stayed at his house, watching tv, taking a shower, and then we went to another vw member’s place who has a repair shop at one of those storage places that you can rent, on the other side of town, we wanted to check a noise that’s been bothering us since laredo and cannot figure out what it is, we thought maybe it was the front wheel, .. we disassembled the tire, checked it, nothing there; we drove around and nothing… alex could not find where the sound might come from, then alfred and sergio stopped by, we had some good coffees and went back to alfred’s, who lovingly treated us to a farewell fried chicken, while we did some laundry and then back to sleep in gardenia.

Thursday 2nd: we woke up quite early to say goodbye to alfred who was leaving for work, we stayed in bed for a while more, then had breakfast, inflated a bit one tire with our small air compressor, I really don’t know why it’s leaking a little bit, we filled up our water tank and set out, on our way to houston but choosing the longer way which takes us to smaller towns, tipical farmers and state parks. We got to floresville, and as Mechi usually wants to check out the supermarkets for special sales, we go from clearance to clearance, and as this is the perfect country to do this, we stopped at an HEB and while we were loading our groceries a girl starts speaking to us in spanish, hah, who could it be but a colombian girl! who has lived in the usa for a long time.. we chatted for a while and right away she invited us to have lunch with her and her little daughter 3 years old, she took us to trail riders steak house, DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! we had lots of fun, she invited us to take a good shower at her place, just like that.. we clicked immediately with her latin vibe, we could’ve stayed for one more day, but we understand that her husband is from the us, and doesn’t understand nor likes very much these kind of visits, so after taking a good shower, we set off again now with some yummy brownies and homemade muffins, we felt like chatting some more, such an excellent person, but we had to keep on going, till we reached a gas station and spent the night there, a little bit chilly but a nice night, with restrooms and wifi!

Friday 3rd: After having breakfast and having a quick stroll in another supermarket, we reached goliad, a very small cowboy-like town but modern, everything small, then we drove to goliad’s state park, which has a former state mission with a very nice park, we decided to buy a pass to enjoy all state parks in texas, which is going to come in very handy when male and eze arrive, we looked for a nice place and settled, restrooms had heating we wanted to sleep right there!! and showers were amazing!! we had a tasty chicken in the barbeque with some delicious breads we made in the double saucepan, with the firewood we could find, which in fact is prohibited but there is firewood anywhere, I just took what we needed for our “asado”!! the chicken was very tasty, luckily we had a very sunny day!!! we had a nap on the grass, very nice afternoon, at night we saw a movie in the laptop and good night, very nice place, safe and clean.Satuday 4: hiking day, we went round the mission, the park a bit and in the afternoon there was a play in spanish about the shepherds visiting the newborn Jesus, they were mexicans, a little bit long, but it was good, later we went to Mass.. in english  obviously … the church was all carpeted, with upholstered and softly stuffed seats, everything nice, the celebration was a little bit boring but mainly because I have trouble following it, .. then another movie in gardenia and then to sleep again in the park, we had invited Patricia, the colombian girl with her family to an asado the following day.

Sunday 5: at daybreak it was very cold and ugly, patricia called and we called it off, too cold for asado. we stayed a little bit more walking around in the park and by midday, after a nice hot shower we hopped on gardenia again, towards a fort where we took some pictures and met some mexicans eager to hear our story. we then got to edna, a very small town, we slept at a gas station that closed at night but it was really very quiet and peaceful, nobody bothered us or anything, just the freezing cold, but we slept tight with our new double sleeping bag and another one on top of it just in case…

Monday 6: we woke up a bit late, waiting for the day to cool off, but it didn’t, the temperature is about 0degrees of our celsius, about 30 fahrenheit, very cold!!!! we were trying to call tommy, my brother who is turning 43 today when julia calls us just in time to talk to him, we had a nice chat and then set up again with a strategic stop at the HEB to take a look at the new items in clearance!! we were very cold while we travelled, so we bought a 12volt heater, not very good but it helps a bit, this cold is unbearable, every half hour we look for an excuse to stop because we are freezing! Mechi’s lips were swelling due to the cold, poor thing, they were about mine in size!!! hah, we might look like siblings, then we made up for it with a furious mc donald’s and its dollar hamburguer, and we got to brazos bend state park by late afternoon. the park is very big and beautiful, but they forgot to turn on heaters!! we drove around for a while and then travelled for 12 more miles to save the 12 dollars of the campsite, sleeping at a gas station with good wifi in damon a small town!! we have just had the soups that were on sale today, very tasty minestrones and about 50 cents each!! we started gardenia’s gas heating and the burner and it is still very cold in here, we’re about to sleep with the heating on because it is very very cold, I think it might be at least 5 degrees C below zero… there is a big storm around here.

Tuesday7: we woke up, veeeeery cold around us, but luckily inside our double sleeping bag it was warm, we found out it is very cold throughout the whole country and in argentina it is extremely hot, we asked for hot water at the gas station (free!!) and as it was a nice day we drove to the park, made some good italian sausage on the grill together with a good argentine red wine, obviously we didn’t get the wood from the park,.. we walked all around the lake looking for the famous alligators, why do they teach us cocodrile when we are kids if these are alligators?? nobody calls it like that!! eventually, when we had almost given up on them, we saw one having a nap in the sun, very nice, sunny day, we took the most of it and took a good shower, the restrooms were very clean. then we went back to the gas station, watched a movie and went to bed early.

gas station at Damon

Wednesday 8: after breakfast, we parted by mid morning towards pearland, near houston, drove around and stopped some places and ended up sleeping ath the walmart, very comfortable

Thursday 9: we woke up at walmart, good breakfast and drove to the hotel my sister malena (36) had booked for us in houston near the airport. we are waiting for them to arrive from toronto with mom!!! the hotel very nice, we took like 3 showers each!! Mechi dyed her hair… and ezequiel my brother in law (38) wrote and said the flight was late, we are so anxious, dying to see them, about 4p they arrived, our niece sophia (5) and nephew pedro (3) are so nice, I almost melted when pedro told me i love you, male swore they had not rehearsed it!!! Mom was looking great, very happy although they were very tired from the trip.. they got installed and we got presents from everybody and yerba mate!! Then ezequiel and I drove Gardenia to get some pizza!!! We ate all together in the room, sophi and pedro were super excited. They wanted to sleep with us so we did, meme with sophi and pedro with me. everything started ok but at 2am pedrito woke up shouting (nightmare) and I called male and she took him to their room!!! the rest of the night no news..

Friday 10: super breakfast!!! Chatting like crazy, then we left with male and eze to fetch the motorhome, it took us 40 min to get there. It was enoooooormous, we left gardenia there and after organizing a bit we went back to the hotel to pick up the rest of the family, big RV, very good and comfortable, even though there were lots of things missing, in gargenia we had everything so we had moved plates, kitchen stuff, pans, etc. We picked them up and set out, male had a craving for cheesecake factory, luckily we found one, delicious!!! male, meme and I had some yummy salmons!!! Everything was amazing!! We set out again for walmart to do some food shopping, then it was getting dark and we still were 20 miles away from the park so we slept in walmart’s parking lot!!! we stayed there and had some sandwiches and beer for dinner. the kids were very excited and woulnd’t fall asleep.. we stayed up talking and later went to bed, we slept goood!!! we slept in the living room with male and sophi, Eze was upstairs with pedro and mom, as a queen in the room.

Saturday 11: we had an early start thanks to the kids in the walmart!! after a quick breakfast and restrooms we set out for the park, beautiful! even though it had rained quite a bit ,we found a good spot near the restrooms, and dry… we went for a walk all together and started looking for firewood… quite a challenge because it is strictly prohibited, and also the wood was wet, it took us a while, but with mom and eze we finally lit a good fire, and grilled some pork ribs and some italian sausage!! We had a good argentine red wine, truly amazing! Pedrito kept on throwing sticks to the fire, he wouldn’t stop!!!!! Very nice conversations, family, very nice everything!! We spent the day in the park, had a good sleep in different beds, we switched places trying to find the perfect balance with the kids, but it is like a big loft!! We were all mixed up, mechi and I slept ‘upstairs’ and mom got downshifted to the living room with the kids; male and eze in the room… in the middle of the night pedrito climbed to our bed, but ‘smart uncle’ sent him right back to his parents in the room 

Sunday 12: we woke up early!! Then set out for Austin, how nice not having to drive, it was Eze’s turn!! Mechi was the copilot, because she is a great navigator, the rest of us in the back, having mate, chatting and playing with the kids. We stopped in a town and asked for Mass, luckily the bishop was there celebrating in spanish!! nice mass, we spoke with the bishop and parted again, stopped by heb and prepared some good sandwiches. we arrived at the Inks lake state park, very nice, we got a nice spot by the lake, amazing, again we were out looking for wood that people had left in their fire pits… we made a great ‘asado’ (barbeque), pedro keeps on throwing sticks to the fire!!! Diego was the only one who took a shower, the others just went by without one… ehemm… dirty.. Another good wine, family chat, how we missed this!!! how nice is to have family near, mom is very happy and adapts to anything! Tonight mechi and I were promoted to the master bedroom!! Mom stayed in the same sofa bed, sophi and pedro together beside her and male and eze upstairs!!
Monday 13: delicious breakfast, then we took the kids to the playground, took some pictures, as you can see, I have the most beautiful niece in the world!! look  at her pictures!! then eze took them fishing while male, mama and mechi kept on chatting, and the one who’s writing lit up the fire again for another asado at midday!!! Long live the meat!! More wine, chat and family… the day went by. dinner rice and tuna, boring and back to sleep in the same places as yesterday, almost everyone took a shower…
Tuesday 14: sophi’s birthday! Not the parents nor the grandma or the uncles had any presents!!! Sophi said: it is still not my birthday, because she got no presents!! We started driving and stopped on a store on the way, got her some presents, mom also got me a super thermos, we had sandwiches and again set out back to houston. mechi baked a cake while we traveled, we arrived at an rv park not quite nice, we didn’t like it so we went to the hotel where we had te reservation for the following day and parked there, where we celebrated sophi her brithday party!! Finally she got her presents and cake, she was so happy! we all took them to a playground in a kind of mc donalds but only of chicken, I don’t remember the name, they played a lot!! back to the rv, I cooked burritos for all!! My sister said: “diego helps a lot and cooks!! He’s doing so well”!! hahahhaha!! meme’s still chewing on it, she said: noooo, he’s just putting up a show!! he doesn’t help at all!!!! ehemmm, I am very collaborative, my dear wife!!! I have the nicest sister in the world!! Back to sleep no changes in this department.

Wednesday 15: we got ready to take back the rv, took everything out, we were given the room at the hotel, where mom, mechi and the kids stayed and we left with eze and male to fetch gardenia and return the rv.. we crossed the whole city, it took us an hour to get there… I am stingy, but my brother in law is worse!!! We had to return the rv with half a gas tank, so we would add one dollar at a time!!! haha malena would scold us, come on guys, add some more! and we would check the arrow to see when it would reach the half tank!! we had a fun time!!! We returned the rv, gardenia was doing fine, more beautiful than ever, it started almost at first attempt

, we moved all the stuff and again one hour more to get back to the hotel. we ate some leftovers and sandwiches, settled down, rested for a while and later we took a walk and again to the kids’ playground. male and eze treated us to a nice meal there and we returned to the hotel… mom went to bed early already nervous about the flight and male and eze came to our room to talk for a few hours, we had a very nice time.
Thursday 16: travelling day,… we had breakfast all together the argentine style, making a lot of noise, and male and eze left 930, we stayed with mom till 11 am and I took the shuttle with her to the airport, huh, poor thing she had excess baggage so we had to transfer some things from one to the other, all she takes are gifts for the grandchildren!! Although she could only take 23 kg (46 pounds), she had few things. When she left I stood staring at her going through the rays and all that, .. she’s so brave my mom! I shed a tear,… Needless to say that we were very spoilt this week. Mom, male and eze, wouldn’t let us pay anything and gave us lots of presents.. When I returned to the hotel my dear meme was organizing gardenia, again alons in this world which is so different from ours. We gathered some ice from the hotel, finished organizing food, utensils and clothes and set out for the unknown… we looked for a state park on the way to louisiana and there we went, after about 50 miles we started to hear an unknown noise that seemed to come from the right front wheel and kept going louder..We got to L
umberton, where the park was, but already in a the worst of moods, we talked to gabriel (in spanish) and he told us it must be the wheel bearings, which we had changed in Puebla!! as they were closing he asked us to come back the following day, that he would give us a hand, it was a U$150 job, so I asked him not to change them but just to grease them and they estimated $40, which was still very expensive!!! a fortune for us… that’s when we asked them where we could park safely and sleep, and Derric
k (25), the manager of the tire shop said: come on, follow me, you can park at home. He lived in a very big trailer, like the ones in the movies, it looks like a house, very nice, he has 3 dogs, a rat and 2 sugargliders hahah, We had some pizza and beers, and met his girlfriend Shea (21), great guys both of them, I struggled with my english, made up words and everything! in the end they would not let us sleep in gardenia, so we had a bed and a bathroom!, we had a great night
Friday 16: we woke up at 7am already speaking in english!!! enoughhhh!!! We drove to the tire shop, in the end, gabriel didn’t charge us his 2 hours of work and derrick would not let us pay for the bearings, so they didn’t charge us anything! great guys with huge hearts… There we also met David, very gringo (45), who, very politely and in a formal way was very interested in our trip, we talked for a long while and he invited us to his home to have dinner and stay for the night, we accepted the dinner but if we stayed that night we would stay at derrick’s where we were already. he also invited him to dinner. While gabriel was finishing gardenia, david saw our tires and said: “no buenas”, and I said maybe I’ll change 2 the next month”, haha, he didn’t say a word, went in the office and 5 minutes later Derrick tells us: “you got 4 new tires for y’all, no charge”… whaaaatt???? we said.. we couldn’t believe it, tomorrow they’ll arrive and we’ll get them changed… incredible! We couldn’t find words enough in english to thank David.. he took us to his house so we could find our way later, and as he had seen our gps had died just minutes ago, he gave us a new one he had!!

 No thanks i said pls no!!, he insisted and explained mechi that it was a spare one, they had given it to him and he was not using it….extremely generous!!!! Incredible!!! We returned to the shop, gardenia was ready, so we invited gabriel to have lunch at mc donalds and he said nooooo, i’d better take you to have some mexican food!! we had a great time, and good food. Later we went for a walk in the state park, took a shower there and by 6 we went to derrick’s, left gardenia and rode with him to david’s house. he introduced us to his wife Laura and his kids joseph (18) y elizabeth (14). All of them very nice, educated and polite, very nice family, nothing to do with the movies, very gringos. the kids behaved very well, they satyed the whole dinner and after too! we had a delicious trout with almondine sauce and Elizabeth (14) made some yummy spaghetti and cheese!! (sofi, 15 year old niece, take note!!) Mechi was very natural, helped me a lot with my english, i frequently got lost conversations but I really ‘rowed like a titan’ , we had a great time, that night I really showed myself up with my english… I wanted to thank Elizabeth for her yummy food and thought: if write / writer, then cook / ‘cooker’!!! and I told her “you are a nice cooker” (sounded like “hooker”) woowwwwww, they fell silent… !! mechi scolded me in english and everybody laughed their heads off!!!! Back to Derrick’s we played poker with shea, beers, and back to bed, today was an unforgettable day, from something really bad like the broken bearings, something really good came along, a very nice day, among very nice and good people… we had been misjudging gringos, saying they were not friendly.. and today we met the greatest examples!! first class people!!

Saturday 17: we woke up about 830am and went to the tire shop, everybody was already there, david and his family too. We showed them our kombi (van) and made them try “mate”, derrick liked it and was having it with me all the time, (I hope he had no toilet issues later), we waited till noon when the new tires arrived, they put them on gardenia, we couln’t believe someone would really give us 4 new tires out of the blue!!!! I can tell you he is a normal guy, 45 years old, he seems to do well, but he’s not millionaire, and for what we’ve heard, very generous, (we definitely proved that), then we had brunch at derrick and shae’s, david (derrick’s brother) came too, it was great! derrick cooked bacon, eggs, venison sausage that david had given us.. and by the time we finished, about 4pm, we took off, no real destination but we have to keep going eastbound, going round the gulf of mexico… We arrived in louisiana!!! as we could not sleep in the rest area, we kept on going till we reached a gas station and a casino, I made friends with Thomas, who was the manager there, I had a long talk in english, he let us use the restrooms from the nearby rv park and we slept in the casino’s parking lot. later we saw a police car stop a drunk driver, just like in tv!!, he had a flashlight on his hat and everything, they took his car and his wife was insulting the cop, mechi was recording everything, I thought we would hear some gunshots or something but nothing happened… We had such an intense couple of days in Lumberton, before we got there we were constantly complaining about gringos being hard to open and make friends, but something incredible happened there, we had a great time with wonderful people!! My head’s pounding with the english!!! there are times when I don’t even understand what they say and I put my “ahhh yes”-face… Mechi understands everything and can really tell when I’m lost …
Sunday 18: we took a shower in the rv park bathrooms thomas had told us and then drove in the old 90 highway that although it goes through lots of towns and has lots of stop signs, traffic is slower, … in the freeway it feels like they’ll run over us, it’s impossible… we were mixing, parts there, parts in the interstate 10… we stopped at a mc donald’s to update the log book about 2 hours, and then reached Lafayette about 5, just in time for Mass at 6 in the Cathedral, here people look more like us, because of their french roots I think, … nice Mass, then we parked at a walmart to sleep, bought some fruits and pillowcases, mechi threw away the old ones, they had survived enough, they were too worn out. I prepaired some chicken noodles soup that was my brother in law’s recommendation ( Steven), mm.. so so, (beni, you owe me $3!) and about 1030 we went to sleep.
Monday 19: we woke up at walmart veryy late, had breakfast and headed for Baton rouge, where David’s mother lives, who surely will get us to meet someone who is working for love, we’re hoping to find stories here in gringoland. we arrived about noon, and went to her house, veeery nice, very english house, beautifully decorated and very “cozy” (ha! I know that word, see?!), an incredible lady, Sharon (69), adorable, so nice, polite and super formal, her husband Will (78), easy going too, she invited us to have lunch at a restaurant, rice and beans, typical on mondays in this area. then she arranged for us to meet Pastor Moore, a man that helps a lot of homeless people, he gets donations from various christian churches and coordinates to give them clothes and food 3 times a week in a parking lot in downtown. A very pleasant guy, we chatted for a while at a starbucks and arranged to meet him the following day to work with him picking up donations. then sharon took us around downtown, incredible, there are 5 different christian churches in 2 blocks! catholic, baptist, presbiterian, episcopal, etc… all of them with big nice buildings, then back to sharon’s house who invited us to stay at her house, in a huge room with bathroom, deluxe!! She also cooked gumbo for us, a traditional kind of soup with chicken and vegetables, delicious! very nice and pleasant meal. it takes us time to understand will’s southern accent, he’s got the cowboy accent! but he’s very funny!
Tuesday 21: we woke up very early, Sharon cooked us an all-american breakfast: eggs with prosciutto and scons!!! She is spoiling us so much we are starting to feel guilty!! We drove to meet pastor moore at a supermarket, where we left gardenia and drove with him iin his van to collect the donations in the YMCA’s gyms where people leave clothes in some barrels left for that purpose, then we arranged to meet him the following day, his humbleness and taking action is worth admiring, incredible. we killed some time at a mc donalds updating log book again (we didn’t want to bother all day), mechi fixed some sandwiches and then she took a nap, and about 6pm we got to their house, we’d forgotten here people have dinner very early, around 7 everybody’s at the table!! in our ‘petit hotel’ sharon had changed our towels, incredible, (even though we had told her not to..) then she cooked some delicious pasta with chicken and salad, mechi helped her a bit. they made us feel very comfortable, very ‘at home’. we had a great time, and we were already telling jokes and having fun. Will is very pleasant, too, after dinner we sat in the living room for about 2 hours talking some more and then back to our super room!! deluxe!!
wednesday 22: we woke up very early because will and sharon wanted to take out for breakfast! a very cute place with an excellent food, eggs and delicious stuff!! we talked for a long while, time went by and 830 we ran to meet pastor moore, hopped to his van and drove to the food bank to pick up lots of boxes. about 1030 we got to the parkiing lot in downtown altogether with some young people who were doing community service, (people who have trouble with the law, misdemeanors and have to serve 30, 50 or 100 hours of community service). so pastor moore makes them work with him, we helped them distribute all the clothes on the floor of the parking lot and set some tables with food (fruits, cookies, chips sandwiches, soda,). they started getting there and before starting pastor moore said a prayer and then in an orderly way they would get their bags filled with food and they chose the clothes they needed, they were around 200, almost all of them were coloured people and one or two latins; they didn’t look like the homeless we are used to seeing who look shabby, they were pretty well dressed, very 1st world!! everything went out perfectly, the pastor greeted them, he knows most of them. then we went back to fetch gardenia, about 3 pm we stopped at a mall just to walk a bit and went back to sharon and will’s. we were not aware that we had a super dinner with some friends of them, gail and chick, a very nice couple! we had a gooood meat, delicious, and salad, and for dessert a yummy king pie!! traditional for mardi gras, we talked a lot, and then before going to bed we did some laundry and enjoyed our last night in this beautiful home!!!
Thursday 23: we woke up, had a very nice breakfast again, filled up our water tank.. had a hard time saying goodbye, we grew so fond of them!! so nice people, beautiful people with great hearts, they wanted us to stay but we had to keep on going, we set out eastbound, mechi wanted to stop in an outlet, i don’t know why because she doesn’t buy anything, but she walked around looking for something
coat.. I had a headache all day long, and a horrible cough; it started getting very cold so we spent a lot of time looking for a cheap hotel in the outskirts of new orleans, we found one, warmed up, watched tv, mechi cooked a soup in gardenia and we had it in the room. A very cold storm is coming towards the area, it’s a good thing we are inside, tomorrow they expect to have sleets! (very strange for louisiana)
Friday 24: I spent an awful night, I woke up in the middle of the night out of air, with a bad cough, the day was very cold, we watched movies, mechi translated old articles to english. a strong storm is hitting all u.s.a., so we stayed one more day at the hotel.
Saturday 25: i had a bad night again, more bad cough, so we called assist card, they took their time to confirm us where to go, but there we went to pay off our medical assistance! yahooooo! we were assisted pretty quick, super professional

, super pro, they usher you to a small room where 2 nurses ask questions and check your blood pressure, weight, height, lots of things, then the doctor came, i had some x rays taken and.. bronchitis!! He prescribed some medicines and oooopsss, surprise, i miss argentina!!! I spent $120 in medicines!! back home is much cheaper… then i felt better and we toured downtown new orleans, the french quarter was very nice, everybody was partying in the streets, very friendly, maybe drunk also… we didn’t get off gardenia.. then we continued our way west to missisippi!! We stopped at the visitor center to sleep but we couldn’t park overnight, so we kept on going till we reached a small town near the sea along the scenic highway 90 right by the sea, we asked for permission to sleep at a gas station K, then we crossed the highway to try the famous missisippi shrimp!!! We returned ready to go to bed wrapped up in our sleeping bag.
Sunday 26: early on, we kept on going along the scenic route, very nice beaches, we passed biloxi, then entered alabama, forrest gump’s homeland, passed mobile, nice city, and back to the beach, arriving in the town of gulf shores, a nice beachtown, the sand is incredible and the sea strangely calm, we found out and went to mass at 7pm, and then to sleep at walmart, our new home, hahah, we watched a movie that not only had nothing but  english subtitles to choose from, but it was a 2hour dialogue!!

Monday 27: very cold and rainy day, we went to a mc donalds so mechi could write the article, I went out for a walk, just for a while, but we stayed all day there, so she could finish and then back to walmart
tuesday 28: we woke up and set out for perdido key despite the cold, the beaches were very nice, white sand, incredibly blue sea but the wind was freezing, about -3°C (26F) everything was closed due to the storm, we stopped at a publix, and used wifi to find a cheap hotel to stop, at the hotel the power went out twice, we took a good hot shower, outside lots of ice, at night someone knocked on our door asking for money, pretty weird… we ate some canned soups from the microwave, the place was a litttle bit stinky, and then we slept in our sleeping bag because power hadn’t come back.
Wednesday 29: we woke up and it had snowed at night, we went out, it was freezing, everything was frozen, gardenia took her time to start, (3 or 4 attempts) but started fine, the roads had ice so we drove veeery slowly to another hotel nicer, about 10 miles north, very few cars on the road, few people, the hotel was much better so we stayed all day here with internet, tv, we already watched 3 movies, had some sandwiches,… looks like the ice alert will end tomorrow., let’s hope they open freeways. we had some good canned soups, this time they were really gooood, the campbells homestyle new england clam chowder i was up till very late watching movies
Thursday 30: mechi starts cuddling me very early trying hard to wake me up, what’s going on with her?? of coooourse, now I get it, breakfast ended at 9, but why would she wake me up at 730?? she was desperate, she says later they might run out of food and not replace with more, we got ready, and lots of sun!! ice is starting to melt down from gardenia, when we got to the dining room mechi says, let’s sit in the corner, so we can stay longer.. but the thing is I am the fat one!! we had breakfast and asked about the roads, which are still closed due to ice, let’s see if they open them, if not we’ll have to stay one more day…

Friday 31: we drove along the coast, very nice beaches, fine white sand and very nice houses overlooking the sea, we reached south walton, a little bit cold day but nice and sunny!! we made an “asado” (barbeque) in a public beach access with grills and restrooms, very nice place, we had bought a meat similar to skirt (our kind), it was so-so but as we had only paid 10 bucks for it, we ended up liking it very much!!, then we had a short nap in the beach got to the road again, on a highway almost paralell to the huge freeway 10, but more local, narrower, slower traffic and it went through a group of national parks and farms full of forests, very nice roads, when we got to blountstown by dusk, a small town on the side of the highway, we found a mc donalds and parked there for the night!

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  1. We really miss you. Those three or four days went by too quickly. Thanks for sharing them with us. You are a very special couple. God bless you

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