April 2014

April 1st: at night Ezequiel drove us to toronto’s bus station, we took a regular bus to Montreal, about 500km away, it stopped about 4 times, I think this is the one thing which I like about argentina, our buses are way better!! Warmer and there’s not so many weird people haha, our seats were very uncomfortable but, what more can we ask for? We paid $20 one way to montreal, we had a good trip but slept almost nothing.

April 2: we arrived quite early to a big hub “Le1000”, which also has a skating rink, very funny, everything is in French, we stopped by a coffee shop and had a delicious coffee, killed some time till 11 and then walked through the underground city and then emerged and got to the hotel that josefina and mia had booked, mechi’s sisters who were supposed to arrive at midday. We left the bags and took a stroll, we came back 2 hours later and they had just arrived!!! Very exciting reunion, we were all very happy!!! We chatted for a while, the hotel is very comfortable, we arranged our stuff and bags and went out to have something to eat and walk around!!! It was very cold but we were all very happy.

3 to 6 april: we walked, and walked, and walked, shopping, shopping and more shopping, or maybe it’s better to say window-shopping, because the 3 of them y have the ability to go into a shop, walk around, mess up some clothes and not buy anything!! Good food, long chats,.. I have to admit that whenever I could I would leave them alone, I don’t like shopping that much, and the funny thing is they would enter one same shop 3 days in a row looking for i-don’t-know-whatttttt. They chatted for hours, they even rushed me out the first day without breakfast!!, mmm.. I was starting to get concerned, but then they slowed a bit… it’s funny to see the 3 of them so close-knit, then the 2 would conspire and attacked my mechi!!! Hahaha jose who I always thought was super tidy and very organized wasn’t that much in the end.. ughh she left clothes all over the room and every now and then she lost her leadership to MIA who in her rush to walk and walk with no destination!!!! She walked, not knowing where to go, but she had to walk.. luckily I managed to get away a couple of times… we had a lot of fun, but, the 3 of them together more than a week…mmmm I don’t know if I can take it!!!! We suffered extorts of all kinds to get us back to argentina asap…. Asado, wine, ice cream, they promised everything! We had a great great time, even though the weather was freezing

7 & 8: just the 2 of us again… we stayed at a small hotel near the latin quarter, and on the 8th we returned to Toronto by train, it was a very nice trip, the train was very comfortable.

April 8 to 22: nothing new.. enjoying male & co, we met their friends, outings, good food, homemade pasta, asados, we got used to their routine here in Canada, even with this cold!!!!!!! We listen to “frozen” a dozen times a day, we’re very happy with a little stability and tranquility. We also had Gardenia inspected by a vw garage because there was one potential buyer, they told us something in the rear axle had to be fixed and the steering a bit loose, but we were proud when they admitted that the general condition was extremely good for such an old car from far away, so we resorted again to vw clubs for some help. Almost immediately Jason and Angie from Tavistock offered to help us with gardenia in Tavistock, about 100kms from here.

April 22 & 23: we drove 100km to a very small town in the middle of the countryside, a very nice house, they welcomed warmly, they prepared a very nice dinner for us, and after that Jason and I lifted gardenia, incredible, he had been a vw mechanic a long time ago and also sold vw spare parts! He had his own garage as a hobby with all kinds of tools and he knows a lot about VWs. In no time he repaired the steering, and adjusted it, and then he saw that the rear axle also had a bit of play and he happened to have the exact cv joints spare parts, he replaced the rear right ones and told me tomorrow we’ll change the other so they are all new and the same with their corresponding new boots. Wow! We slept in gardenia inside his garage, the next morning ‘we’ changed the left ones, now it was a whole brand new rear axle!! At noon I offered to cook hamburgers for all with beer, then we said goodbye and headed for Toronto, a nice trip but very windy. Jason was so generous, he took the morning off from work just to help us, and he wouldn’t even let us pay him anything not even the spare parts!! Which by the way were not cheap at all… incredible, today more than ever I must repeat VW IS NOT JUST A BRAND, IT’S A FAMILY, and this is how we felt today at his house.



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