How to participate

We have been asked how to participate and support us in this Project; we have thought of many ways, any is more tan welcome!

1.- Prayers: We believe it is the most important fuel, we trust in the Divine Providence to fulfill our project. We compromise with a daily rosary, we invite you to compromise with something on a weekly basis (For example: a rosary on Mondays and Thursdays; or 3 Rosario los lunes y jueves; or 3 Hail Mary per day; etc). You can add it as a comment below or send it by email to:, this way we are adding prayers. If you have any other way to pray, a rosary takes up to 20 minutes approximately)

2.- Special Donations: We know that with even an small donation can do lot of good. We are at your service to make the donation reach its destination. For example: clothes for a geriatric, school supplies for a rural school or a bycicle for a kid that leaves far away from the school; we deliver everything. Alternatively, we can transform donation funds in the elements according to specified. Send us your proposal to

3.- Kilometres Contribution: “Gardenia” consumes aproximately 13 litres of fuel per 100 km, being the most important expense of the Project. With ARS 80 = USD 15 we drive 100 km.  You can contribute kilometers making a wire transfer to the following bank account  Santander Rio Cuenta Única (pesos o dólares) 036-238654/8 CBU 0720036688000023865486 Diego P. Nobile CUIL: 20-24963252-0. Or you could pay the credit card VISA Number 4338471000630705 (CitiBank). Further info on international accounts will be provided on request) These funds will be used only to purchase fuel. Any other comment, please write to:

4.- Travel with us: “Gardenia” has space for 2 extra people, we can squeeze in for a couple of days to share this experience together. If you are interested, please write to

Please share with us your comments or impressions

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