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Our greatest dream is to travel across the American Continent searching for these people, learning from them and sharing their experiences with the world, therefore pass these examples of life to everybody and so there will be more silent heroes. We count on our savings to cover gas and living expenses for approximately 18 months. If it takes longer, we will search for another source of financing… God will provide. We hope to increase our faith and maybe we might be selfishly the most benefited, but someone has got to do it!

Diego: ”In many conversations with Mechi, it was like a banned subject; she would remind me of all the positive aspects of travelling, and I would stress the negative part, “the return” and “starting over”. I’m not a lazy person nor a bohemian, I didn’t want to uncover all that I have kept well hidden, so I would reject these type of arguments. I wouldn’t even let Mechi dream. Anyway, all that rationalism was killing me. Not that I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t be waiting either… time flyes by… some have already left and are looking down at us from Heaven and I was here doubting whether to fulfill a dream or not?? What would Jaime tell me?…They would probably have had lots of dreams unfulfilled and waiting to be fulfilled….and me, waiting??! I believe in God, but just a little, I would love to increase my faith! Besides, as we say: can’t do no wrong! It has to do with GOD, HE WILL TAKE CARE OF US….God will provide! JOURNEY + MISSION + RETURN BETTER PEOPLE = PERFECT COMBO, LET’S START TO FULFILL OUR DREAM! The return, my big uncertainty … but now it doesn’t matter. God is the one responsible, I’m working in something for him that we believe is useful. Not sure, maybe it’s not, but let’s suppose it is, that the world may meet more silent heroes and that we found a good way to transmit their experiences, God will take care of our return. Of that I’m sure. Now…are we really crazy?”

Mechi: “I knew that we were here for something more! I knew that God was pointing out a different path and we weren’t able to see it! It’s been days that we have been talking about the way to fulfill our dream: travel…but just not only travel, we couldn’t find a conductive thread, a good reason that really worthed it. We talked and talked nonsense, but it was during a work trip from Junin to Chivilcoy, that it started to take shape. For now it will be the American Continent, but the dream goes beyond that. I know there are different forms of these silent heroes all over the world, and I would like to reach them all to pull us out from this reality of death, attacks, corruption, selfishness and sadness that seem to be the stars in the news. Love is not news anymore, we don’t let it compete. Diego is very rational and is always going forward, even against a wall, (not to talk to it in this case). We are very different, according to our friend Hermann (brain dominances); he is very balanced, a perfect square, mainly logical, rational, very expressive, orator and intuitive, the perfect profile of a business manager, similar to Churchill’s or Marco Polo’s profiles. Mine is a little bit more complicated, away from a square, it’s an extended kite, typical of an artist, very similar to Picasso’s profile. Mainly simultaneous, creative, intuitive, specific, innovative and to the detail. He is a strong blue with hopeful green, I’m a boundless yellow with some watered green. His organization, realism and positive administration, optimistic even to an unreal edge, sometimes bursts with my dreamy, imaginary and spiritual idealism. He thinks about saving and counting, I think about spending. He believes in evaluating and quantifying the expenses, I believe in estimating. He talks with facts and I talk with imaginative ideas. He analizes and I imagine. He takes risks and I want to avoid them. He breaks rules and I make them and carry them out. He plays and I am more disciplined. He swims and I can easily drown in a glass of water. Sometimes this complimentary mix may confuse us, so variable and surprisingly promising.
There is no way around it, God gave us the idea and the resources. Therefore, He may also  provide us with everything that is missing through everyone who may want to be part of this project and help us with material, contacts, info, ideas, etc. We are Sharing America and each one will come in his/her own way. I’m feeling a bit scared with this jump to the void. Maybe it is crazy to leave all that is traditionally expected. But we are convinced that IT IS REALLY WORTH IT. It is worth telling the story of many future saints, little people that live the miracle of the Love of God every day, who trust Him more than anything in the world and who really give themselves to Him.

I see Diego complete with this decision and it is the RIGHT time. It is NOW (like he always says: “If not when? When you have 5 kids?!”) I hope that this is the beginning of a great adventure, that with time it will reach lots of hearts, lots of places and that the many good little people that are out there may tell us theirs stories so we may transmit them to others. Not sure what the destiny has in store for us, hopefully all this that I’m writing may not be left lost in a Word document written in a hurry, hopefully these may be the first paragraphs of texts that will enrich the soul, or may make us want to be a little better, just to start at least!”   

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow .. Wo beautiful to hear your story.. Share your adventure & be blessed to experience the touching stories of so mamy poeple who are making a difference! 💟

  2. It was wonderful to meet you at Watkin’s Glen State Park, NY. Thank you for signing Daisy’s guest book. Her purpose is to help other’s know the wonderful story of redemption and restoration in Christ Jesus our Lord. And, maybe even brighten someone’s day by making them smile. God bless you with safety in your travels.

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