The Great Mamerto

The Great Father Mamerto Menapace

Like he said in an interview that I once read: “My name is Mamerto (in spanish could be understood as someone clumsy)  but it is not what I do”. Great. Genius. A wonderful person, overflows happiness, transparency, simplicity and wit. He doesn’t take a break during our conversation, he listens, quickly processes everything and answers back with a tale, while we take a minute to linger on his words… a great attitude and faith, both enviables.

Right after telling our project to our family we went to his monastery at Los Toldos to talk to him. It was a special treat to meet in a peaceful monastery. While our concerns were straight and practical, he would answer with tales and metaphors. We were almost asking for permission to dive into our project, doubting if it was folly, when he would take it for granted, instructing us to visit him before leaving for a blessing and suggesting who would be interested in the experiences we were going to share. In less than two minutes he dismissed many fears and we understood that the only way to go was leaving it all in the hands of God. We left feeling very light, with freedom and an incredible energy. It is evident that God shows us His path and is taking us through it. Mamerto said: “Don’t worry, if it’s not this door, it will be the next one!” and not to worry on having a predetermined route if maybe we wouldn’t get past the province of Chubut, Argentina!

What is amazing is that I can’t even remember any tale he told us, but I do remember a sweet gesture he had before leaving. When we said goodbye, he went to a beautiful rose bush and took out a small scissor from his pocket and cut us a big and scented rose that we kept in a vase for many days, reminding us of the conversation with the Great Mamerto. THANK YOU!!

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