An especially jolly laundry

The jolly group of The Blue Balloon laundry

We innocently went to wash our clothes to the sole Laundry of Chos Malal; when we went inside we met Rosa and Irma, and behind them a very special group of young people, VERY special. They never stop laughing and making jokes, it was not possible to let it go. We started asking questions and they told us how this integration project started. Seventeen years ago, around 1995, a group of families whose kids assisted the Special School Nr 11, wanted to stimulate even more the progress made along the years and created a laundry called “El Globo Azul” (The Blue Balloon) providing them with a job opportunity. Rosa has been in charge of it for 17 years and Irma for 8 years, both of them used to work at the School and joined the Project.

When entering the laundry a incredible clean smell reaches us, then we hear some laughing and looking at the back we see the group of young people anxious to meet us. One by one they explained to us the tasks they make from “8am to 2pm”, (apparently the punctuality is something not easy for everyone!)

Rosa and Irma, with love teach them how to care for the clothes, to separate and choose which ones require a delicate cycle and how to wash each one either with a little brush, hand wash or in a washer. If by accident something is ruined they must pay for its replacement. This is how they learn the value of money and how to take care of it, save and buy themselves useful things that may last. If they see that their shoes cannot be mended, they encourage them to save money to buy themselves a new pair of shoes and go with them to help them choose wisely. They promote them to have their own things: a bed with a good mattress, linen and clothes as needed, so their salary will not disappear in the first store they see. They also know that if they arrive late, in a bad mood or without the attitude to work, they have to stay late to compensate or may suffer a salary reduction. All these “lessons” are taught with a breathable love; it was not told to us, we saw it. Kisses, hugs, laughs and jokes; we left the laundry full of energy, laughing, with a full and happy heart. The same happens to them, they enjoy coming everyday to work; it also helped Rosa and Irma to look at their own lives with different eyes and overcome difficult situations with this daily injection of energy.

We think of them every time we wear a clean t-shirt that smells good, and we want to share it with you in these videos. Laugh with us!

Thanks to Irma, Rosa, Martita, Walter, Ale, Natalia, Jorge, Pedro, Dani, and everyone who cooperates with the laundry El Globo Azul!

Please share with us your comments or impressions

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